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Does It Feel Like Life Gets Busier Every Day?


After you wear that dress, hang it up the right way. At the end of the year it will be easy to tell what you wore and what you didn’t. Decide if you will ever wear that jacket again, or if it is better to recycle and make space.

Turn All Your Hanging

Clothes Backward

Before you set something down, ask yourself ‘Is this where it goes?’ Take that extra few seconds to put it in its place. It may seem like more work to start but as it becomes habit you find your home or office feeling less cluttered. Easy!

Don't Set It Down,

Put It Away

Did you wear that purple sweater this winter? Last winter? If not, time for it to go. There is no reason to clutter your drawers or closet with clothes you don’t wear.

At The End Of Each Season,

Review Your Wardrobe

Bite Off Only What

You Can Chew

Write a list with small steps.  Rather than ‘Organize My Closet’, try ‘Go Through One Shelf In My Closet’ or ‘Clean Out My Sock Drawer’. You will stay motivated if you can cross things off the list in small chunks of time.

Put A Full Bag Of Clothes For Recycling In Your Car


You never know when you will run by a Wear Ever Recycling box! Keep bags in your trunk so whenever you find a Wear Ever box you can lighten your load!


Use the bags for things that are ready to leave your house: clothes for recycling, returns for the mall, library books due for return.  They won’t take up space around your house and will be an easy reminder when you are on your way out the door.

Keep Collection Bags

Easy To Access

Sort Through The Mail By

The Recycling Bin

Instead of walking your mail into the house to stack on your kitchen counter, try sorting it by your recycle bin. Junk mail can go right into recycling, eliminating half of the pile. Sort the rest in piles – bills, shredding, magazines / catalogs – and place them in a designated spot in the house.


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